Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Anarchy

For about ten years now i have been studying anarchy off and on. I recall ten years ago being at a Christian music festival and finding a flyer advertising the time for a speaker, who was to speak on the relationship between Christianity and Anarchy. The speaker was Andrew Mandell. Besides speaking on anarchy, he is most well know for being the lead singer of the celtic punk band "Ballydowse," as well as singing for the old school punk band, "Crashdog."

I remember holding the flyer and thinking, "now these punk rockers have taken it too far." But i said that without knowing a single thing about it. Later i heard Andrew Mandell talking to a crowd of 5,000 people say, "Anarchy is about self-control, not chaos." I didn't know what he meant at the time, and immediately decided he was wrong. My opinion has changed since then.

Anarchy is the lack rule.
It is necessarily non-violent.
It is completely non-coercive.
It is a line of thought that steers people away from ruling or controlling others.
It trust others to make the right decisions.
It trusts that even when people don't make the right decisions, all will be well in the end.
It puts no stock in power, pride, control, domination.
It says that if anything is going to be done, its going to have to start with me.
If there is to be order, i must control myself.
If there is to be peace, i must choose to live at peace with others.
If i have a problem with someone, i go to them rather than their superior.
If i feel change is needed, i must live out that change.
If i dont want trash all over the city, i must go pick it up.
If i see a problem with people not having their needs fulfilled, i must go and fulfill their needs.
I must never take the opportunity to be above another.
I must respect everyone.
I must give all the dignity they deserve.
I must never use psychological tactics to persuade.
I must not use more than i need.

Anarchy is a personal choice that all of us can choose. It is the choice to everyday place ourselves underneath others. to humble ourselves. to forgive. to love. to be kind. Anarchy is not "to be against authority," it is, "to not be authority."

today i will strive to be an Anarchist.