Friday, March 6, 2009

Where are all the protesters now??

At the end of October 2006 Becca, Meshach and I hopped into a van with several others from our church and headed to Washington D.C. We were going to protest the war(s). Upon arriving the day before we all headed into an episcopal church that was crowded with people sleeping on the wood floors. Interesting night it was.

The next morning we headed for the rally which had hundreds of thousands attending. We made a banner that said, "anything bombs can do, love can do better." and on the other side it simply said, "Love thy enemy. -Jesus" It was a great experience, but it did not come without some great disappointments.

Now most know that i am no fan of George W. but i was really turned off by the extreme hatred for W. by many who were at the protest. I kept thinking, "isn't this a peace rally? How can we have peace if we continue to hate?" Somehow we have to figure out how to be against the war, and not show hatred towards those who are guilty of the war mongering. Or else nothing is ever going to change.

But fast forward to 2009. Now we have a new guy in office. Some call him Obama, some call him the messiah. While I'm glad to see W. gone i am not an Obama follower. But here is my question....Where are all the protesters now?? Everyone wanted a Democrat in office believe that it would somehow bring an end to the wars. Yes Obama has set a date about a year and half away to be out of Iraq, but in the meantime he has escalated the war in Afghanistan. Clearly simply having a democrat in office is not the answer that we should all be looking for...peace. In fact i submit (as others have as well) that the American Empire has been expanding for a long time. I guess you could say its been expanding ever since the first day it became a country. And this agenda has been pushed by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Anyhow there's my rant. I hope the anti-war protesters keep up with the protesting, because the wars are still going, and this American messiah is not slowing that down.

With faith in Christ alone,


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