Sunday, July 26, 2009

im back, maybe

I suppose its was April when i last posted something. Ever since then my life has been quite a whirl wind. You might even venture to say its been a bit crazy. I wont get into all of it now, but here is a short summary.

1. we decided to move to West Virginia.
2. we prepared.
3. Becca and the two youngest boys (at the time) flew out east.
4 Meshach and I drove from Portland to Southern West Virginia in about 5 days.
5. I started a new job.
6. we had a baby, Baby Jov!
7 we get in a tuffle with the hospital and Child Protective Services.
8. i start working again.

Doesn't sound nearly as crazy as it was, but believe me you, it was crazy. And i hope that at least for a while that craziness can remain at bay.

Furthermore on this blog i was doing a chapter by chapter summary of Reimagining Church by Frank Viola. And in the same way that i had no time to be writing about it, i also had no time
read it. In addition to that, i dont know when i will because there are ten other books im finding intriguing right now too. So if you want to hear more about that, go out and get the book, because i aint spoon feedin you anymore! just kidding, but seriously.

I hope to have a review of the book "wounded innocents: the real victims of the war on child abuse." Its a book about the Child Protective Services and how instead of doing there objective, to curb child abuse, they have torn apart innocent families and destroyed lives. coming soon.

B Randon

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