Friday, February 27, 2009

Muslim Nation

What better of a way to start out your very own blog than on a heavy note. No sense in doing any ice breakers here. Lets dive in.

I am currently reading David Shenks' book Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church. Its a great book and i highly recommend it. In it he explains how Jesus and Muhammed took two very different paths to accomplish their mission. He says,

Jesus the Messiah and Muhammed the Prophet of Islam traveled in opposite directions. The Messiah turned his back on the invitation to become a king with an army; instead he resolutely set his face to Jerusalem and the cross. Muhammed welcomed the invitation to become governor and left suffering in Mecca for Medina and political power.
The implications of this then of course, is exactly how the followers of these two men will act. For the followers of Christ the call is to set down your will (perhaps to not suffer, or to get revenge, etc.) take up your cross (not literally, but not metaphorically either, just differently) and follow the God who chose to suffer at the hands of sinners, and forgive them in the mean time.
On the other hand the followers of Muhammed would logically follow his path, which was the quick acceptance of political and military power in order to carry out the will of the sovereign, all-powerful God who would never subject himself to suffering. (side note: every Muslim would probably not like me calling them followers of Muhammed, they are followers of God from their perspective. I mean no harm)
I would be quick to point out that Christians have one of the worst reputations throughout history of being a violent people. And Some Muslims have chosen the road of peace for the most part. But focusing in on the beginnings of these two faiths we find the true nature, the true root of what it means to be a Christian and what it means to be a Muslim.
Something to think about........
Peace to you on this day.

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